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You’ll get 20-24 drops in a convenient 6 oz. covered tin (which in a way is a gift within a gift!).  We make the candy the same day you order it (around 2am) and then mail it when the sun comes up THAT day.  Why not order some for a friend that you REALLY like?

The Cappuccino Drops are in flavor only.  We do not add actual “Cappuccino” to the candy.  But you won’t know that when you’re sucking on one.  It’ll taste like you’re at a cafe slurping down the real thing. (you have whipped cream on your nose, there…)

Bohica2K Drops are a hard candy.  The white powder on them is a powdered sugar dust that keeps the drops from sticking.  I think it enhances the first suck.  But, that’s just me.

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There’s nothing like a good cappuccino…in candy form…in your mouth.  Bohica2k Drops now come in Cappuccino flavor.  Tim’s actual words while sucking on one – “These are really great while you’re drinking coffee.”  So we had to test that out too.  Turns out he’s right.  We worked until we got the recipe the way WE like it.  (which is incredibly tasty!).

Our Cappuccino drops were designed to be a hard candy.  You’ll whip right through them and want more within a few days.  Make sure you order a few batches because your friends are going to help you annihilate the first batch.

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Weight 8.7 oz
Dimensions 8.5 x 4.25 x 2.25 in


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