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Our First Order

Okay, so we got an order.  (Thanks, Jane!) NOW what do we do? 

That’s exactly what Tim and I said to each other for the first ten minutes when we got the email.  

First, we were impressed that a website that I put together was smart enough to send us an email!  I didn’t know we taught it that.  Turns out, I did.  Good, website!! <pats website on the monitor> 

Next, we had to get the order together.  There were a number of things to craft.  We make our Bohica2k Drops and candles as soon as they’re ordered.  We don’t keep them sitting on a shelf somewhere.  Have you ever been to our place?  There’s no room to shelf anything.  So we had to hop onto the candy making.  Then we had to get the cross stitch kit together.  I had the art, the chart, the ink, the paper, but I didn’t have the cloth or the thread.  No biggie.  I know where to go get the thread.  The cloth, on the other hand, was not so readily available.  Especially way out here in the country.  If I want to listen to country music or grab an e-cigarette, that’s easy out here.  But Aida cloth?  Not so easy.  

While waiting for the cloth to come from a seller online, we made the candy and packaged it.  Juuuuuust waiting on the cloth.  So we went to get the thread.  We had the BEST time going through the hundreds of threads, talking to the guy at the craft store about matting and framing my art, and just in general.  All the while I had to keep our “purchaser” in the loop on what we were doing.  This was a process and I pretty much learned if this gets any bigger I’m going to need a staff.  I had become the artist, the candy maker, the candle maker, the purchaser, the errand boy, the packager and the emailer. 

Then I had to take the package to the post office.  “Does this package contain any liquids, hazardous materials, powders, cat colon, baseball bats, blahblahblah?” Nope.  Just a cross stitch kit and some hard candy.  Our post office looks like it’s an actual set from “Mayberry, R.F.D.”  The clerks are nice, but they’ve seriously been there since the inception of the United States Postal Service.  I’m telling you that one of them will remember the days the mail was delivered by horse, and will happily regale the tale if you give them time.  When I was told the price of shipping the package I may have blurted out that I wasn’t thinking of buying the post office today.  I’m not sure.  But the people in line behind me started giggling. 

And then OUT the order went.  It’s on its way to the one person who made our entire week.  From start to finish it took 7 days.  There really was no expediting that.  Although, if I could get the Aida cloth in here, I could actually store five or six cloths here and then the time from order to shipping would be faster.  The craft store HAS Aida cloth, but not big enough for my kits. (20″ x 30″) and  I refuse to make the size of the finished product smaller. 

So there you have it.  When you order, I have reset the prices so that we don’t have to pay money out of our pocket to get it to you.  Not by much though.  I honestly can tell you that we will now be making a whopping 45 cents profit off each cross stitch kit.  This has been a great experience.  Thank you for ordering.  And remember, we’re not a huge company.  It’s just Tim and me.  At least when you have questions, you’ll get one of us.  Until I hire someone new.  

(Thanks again, Jane! Enjoy your order.  Take pictures!!!) 

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