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Bohica2k In Stitches

I wasn’t sure if anyone out there in the world beyond my front door cross stitched like I do.  I’ve been cross stitching since my grandmother taught me how so many years ago.  I will stop the world every night at 11pm to watch tv and cross stitch for two hours, and then go to bed.

But I’ve been running out of cross stitch patterns to make.  I’m not into cats or girly things (no offense).  And then I thought, “Wait a minute…you’re an artist!  Why not create your own patterns?”

And that’s exactly what we’ve done.  It’s been an educational process, to be sure.  And while we’ve encountered cost for cloth, DMC threads, ink and paper…we feel we’re providing a quality kit created from an original piece of art made right here in our studio.  In fact, if you follow me on Facebook I show you progressive updates as I create the art.  You’ll know exactly how I created the piece and when I did it.  You’ll become a part of the entire process!

Each kit includes everything you need to get started.  We provide the Aida cloth, the DMC thread, the needle (usually two of them), and complete instructions.  These are full cross stitches only.  Nothing fancy.  No back stitching or French Knots.  Even if this is your first time cross stitching, you can do this.  And if you have questions – we are only an email away.  And if you follow us on Facebook, even closer.  You will never be lost.

Go get a kit (while they’re on sale) and get to stitching!  Together, you and I are going to make your home or office a better looking place one piece of art at a time.

Click on SHOP in the menu at the top of this page, then click on Bohica2k In Stitches.  Make your choice, and make your payment.  This is a secure site (notice the “https” in the url), so your information is safe.  We never see your payment because you’re whisked away to Paypal, Amazon payments, and many other payment gateways to make your purchase painless.

If you support us…we also will provide you a $10 off coupon which gives you an already added savings to your Bohica2k In Stitches.  (you can support us by clicking on the SUPPORT link in the menu).

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