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In the past months (since June, really) we’ve gotten notes and emails about our candles.  But not half as many as we got about our candy.  Just today Tim was visiting some friends and they were wondering when we’ll have more candy.  I don’t mean to toot our own horn…but our candy is awesome.  The flavor they were asking about was the Kahlua candy we tested for our big candy break coming in October.  There is one couple fighting over the tin of candy we’ve given them.  The husband said this time he’ll “hide his so he can have more than one piece” because his wife ate all of the last one.

The question we get the most is “when will we just start shipping out the candles (and candy) every month” so they won’t have to always order it.  Remember the days when people weren’t so lazy?  That going online to order something to be delivered only took two minutes at most?  Ahhhh…the good ol’ days of last year.

Well, wonder no more!  Now you can subscribe to the Bohica2k Store and get all the goods we’ve got in one convenient package delivered to your mailbox once a month.  Oh yeah!  Head to our SUBSCRIPTION page to view the options available.  There is a $1 a month subscription for those of you who just want the tunes we provide on B2K Radio.  All the way up to the STAR subscription that gives you everything we have to offer when we offer it.  The shipping of our monthly packages is always included.  (Note:  the shipping alone costs us $4.39 just to Orlando).

Now you’ll be able to receive our monthly Scent-O’-The-Month when we make them.  You’ll receive sample scented candles on the ones we’re working on for the months ahead (October is Candy Corn and the candy flavor is Bat Guano.  You’ll want that one!!)  We’ll also throw in bits and pieces of the BohicaNation that no one else gets – just because you support us.

Also…look to the side bar over there —> .  You’ll see your name in our “BohicaNite” lineup.  We want everyone to know you support us.  And if they don’t read it, they’ll hear your name on any given B2K Radio Replay (that’s a podcast of a live broadcast to all of you new people to the BohicaNation).

Now is a great time to sign up to be a part of our growing creative center.  And for those of you who have already become a part of the BohicaNation (like Matt, Cord, Leslie, Edward, and Robert) we deeply appreciate your coming along with us on our journey.  Hershey’s had to start somewhere!  I’m pretty sure they started at home in their kitchen.  Just like we’re doing.  At least – in my head that’s how they started.

(This is where I envision a standing ovation and balloons fall from the ceiling as I step away from the podium.)


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