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The Book of Faces

Hey! We made a page in the book of faces. Why do you need to know that? Because in June we open up shop. And when we do…we give our friends free stuff. Just thought you’d like to know that. Ask any of my friends. They’ll tell you.

Get in the front of the line for the free stuff. We get exhausted by the time we get to the middle of the line. Stop by the Bohica2k Store and say hello!

What we have planned:

Blaze2K: Candles the way WE like them. Not the way your grandma likes them. Yes…the scent of the month in August will be BACON!

Bom2k: We were going to name our line of bath bombs “Bomb2k” but we didn’t need any drones flying around the house.

Bar2k: Our soaps have been celebrated for the past year. We decided to load up the store with them. You’ll see why when I get them stocked in there.

Bon2k: We make candy. Yep. The way WE like candy.

All of this, including tshirts, shotglasses, books, art, all sorts of fun Bohica2k stuff is heading your way. Your material world is about to change. Prepare yourselves by heading to our Bohica2k Store page and like it already. You like everything else…share some of that with us! =)

See you all soon.

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