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Grand-ish Opening

Tim and I do a lot of things behind these Bohica2k doors. I know people think we’re just sitting here watching television all day. And while the tv IS on most of the time – it’s just for background noise while we’re making candles, soap, books, art, writing news opinions, making music, doing radio shows. In fact, we rarely find time to sleep. But when we DO sleep we take advantage of it. Our home site,, was getting very crowded. And is where we put all the music. So we needed a place (an estore) to put everything else that we can actually sell to those of you who keep asking “how can I get me one of those?” whenever you smell our candles. you can get you one of those! Right here on the spanky new Bohica2k Store. As I’m writing this, don’t go looking for a candle or some soap just yet. I’m not expecting to have inventory and picture up before June 1. The first step is always to build the website. And, TA DAA!, that’s what I’ve done.

Look for soaps and candles by June 1. Then your surroundings can smell as fabulous as ours does. In the meantime – take a look around the joint. There’s not much to see right now. But soon you’ll be overwhelmed. I guarantee. Honestly…I just wanted the reminder to post something to go away. It was getting annoying. =P

See you soon. You can check out our other sites while you wait for us to open our edoors here. – The blog where I place every opinion I have, whether you like it or not. – Come chairdance with me! I’ve been doing this for eleven years now. I don’t know if I have the hang of it yet. You be the judge. Bring your headphones!! – This is where I house the news of the day. I’m a Democrat, so I lean to the left. If you don’t, you may not want to visit this place. It has facts and stuff that you’re probably not used to.

Come back around June 1!!! We may even have a surprise for you if you’re waiting at the edoor for us to open. We haven’t decided on that yet.

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